Your practice is like your child so let’s give it all the consideration it deserves.  Attention to detail, up-to-date market knowledge, willingness to analyze, analyze, and re-analyze is just the beginning.  

Mission: To strategically position DFW practitioners for continued success. That's it?

YES. Unlike the big wigs we aren't seeking "to be the preferred professional real estate service provider in the industry". In comparison, we happen to be level-headed professionals passionate about medical real estate.

Without doubt Wynmark's top-notch customer service distinguishes us from the rest.  We value transparency, reliability, quality and commitment all delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Wynmark spirit. 

Valuable Network Connections

Highest Level of Exposure

Forward thinking expertise

Up to Date Market Knowledge

Target Specific Marketing

Specialized medical knowledge

innovative advantage

What Our Clients Say...

“Wynmark was highly professional at all times and extremely diligent in researching availability and rates in my area to ensure they were negotiating the most favorable renewal terms possible. In addition to negotiating the terms of the renewal, Wynmark offered to audit the Common Area Maintenance/Association Dues to make sure everything was in line and the monthly dues I was paying were appropriate. With their guidance, we were able to work with the Landlord to improve the dues and reach a greater understanding of how best to allocate funds for the tenant’s benefit moving forward.”
Dena Robinson
“Building a relationship of trust can be difficult to accomplish in today’s fast paced business world. With Wynmark, I felt they truly had my best interest at heart and would recommend them to anyone looking for new medical office space.”
Kirk Mahon
"We felt very comfortable from the onset to work with Wynmark and exclusively hired them to purchase a building for our Pediatric Dental practice. They understood everything we were going through to make decisions. Besides a great negotiated price, they secured multiple loan options in line with the budget.”
Tina & Hung Bui