Glen Blanchard, D.D.S.

“I had already given two other brokers the opportunity to sell and/or lease my real estate in Carrollton [and] encountered many frustrations ranging from broken promises to downright being ignored.  Phone calls, emails and texts were oftentimes never returned.  Signage was never erected.  That all changed immediately when Wynmark was put in charge of the project.

While a year had passed without any results with my previous two agents, it took Wynmark a mere three months to get one of my spaces leased and my property sold!  Wynmark professionals navigated me through this complicated maze and did so with aplomb. “

Dena Robinson, DDS

Building a relationship of trust can be difficult to accomplish in today’s fast paced business world. With Justin, I felt he truly had my best interest at heart and would recommend him to anyone looking for new medical office space.

McKinney Pediatrics, P.A. – McKinney, TX

Mark walked us through, in detail, the process of finding a location, designing, developing, and building our new office. He was also able to provide us with a full development budget and show us how the financing works for a medical office building. He put us in contact with several lenders who would be able to provide us with financing for our new building. This assistance helped relieve much of the anxiety about this part of the process. Based upon our development budget and timeline, we were able to stay right on target with the expected costs and timeline for completion. The best part of all is that Mark took care of all the development process, which allowed us to focus on our practice and the interior design of our space. Everything moved forward just like we had planned and we were able to move into our new location in November of 2009. Mark’s excellent customer service and knowledge of the process was integral to our satisfaction with the experience. He was able to help with any problems or questions we had throughout the process. Wynmark is excellent to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing or constructing a new medical office building.

Kirk Mahon, M.D. – Frisco, TX

Wynmark truly understands what customer service really is all about. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to buy or build a new building. Moving into a new medical space is an exciting process – with Wynmark on your side you will feel that much more confidant.

Tina Bui, DDS – Irving, TX

We were a start up dental practice, so Wynmark helped us get an incredible price on the building. They were also able to get us multiple loan options that were right in line with what they had budgeted for us in the beginning. If you are looking for a dental/medical space, I would recommend working with Wynmark. This was our first location, and we will definitely use them next time to find our 2nd space.

Dr. Thai Hoang – Frisco, TX

In today’s business world, it is rare to find a group so earnest and reliable. I whole-heartedly recommend Wynmark if you are looking for new medical office space.

Eric Kavosh, M.D. – Plano, TX

If you are looking for a new space, I would recommend working with Wynmark. They truly understand what you are going through and will do everything they can to help you. It is nice to have a group you can work with that you also know are your friends.